Coach Code of Conduct

1. My Coaching

1a) I will remember that it is a privilege, not a right, to coach.

1b) I understand that at KCSC we prioritize both the players’ enjoyment and developing players over winning matches. Match Days are tools for us to use as opportunities for growth, they are never “Win At All Cost” situations.

1c) I will not ridicule or yell at my players for making mistakes or for performing poorly. I will remember that children play to have fun and should be encouraged to have confidence in themselves.

1d) I will provide a positive, enjoyable atmosphere for the players and parents.

1e) I will be prepared to deal with injuries in a timely manner by reviewing first aid principles.

1f) lI will plan and execute sessions that are both fun and challenging for all of the players.

1g) I will remember that the purpose of KCSC is for the enjoyment

and benefit of the players (not the adults).


2. Respect

2a) I will show respect for referees, game officials, and opposing coaches. Disagreements should be expressed in a respectful manner.

2b) I will refrain from open arguments with referees and other coaches.

2c) I will teach my players to play fairly and to respect the rules, officials and opponents.


3. Club Commitments

3a) I understand it is important for me to be on time for my coaching sessions and match days, and that my sessions should be set up and ready to go by the session start time.

3b) I understand that the players and coaches safety must always come before anything else, and if I ever feel a player or coaches safety is being compromised, I should report it to a member of the KCSC Management Team immediately.

3c) I understand that it is my responsibility to give all players equal opportunities within my teams, regardless of gender, background or sexual orientation. I will therefore ensure that all players receive equal instruction, support and playing time.

3d) I understand that I am expected to act as a positive role model, and that I am representing the club at all times. I should therefore exhibit good sportsmanship, respect, and integrity when in public.

3e) I will make efforts to continue my coaching education by attending coaching courses. If I am not familiar with the coaching pathway, I will ask members of the KCSC Management Team for guidance.

3f) I will report any violations of the Code of Conduct by Parents or Players to the KCSC Management Team

1f) Communication: Coaches should maintain open and transparent communication with players, parents, and club management.

3g) Provide a positive role model for their players and parents, by consistently acting in a positive, controlled, and mature manner expected of an KCSC coach.


By signing and upholding the principles outlined in this Youth Coach Code of Conduct, we commit to fostering a positive and educational journey for the young athletes we have the privilege to coach. We recognize that our conduct as a coach significantly influences their lives, and we are dedicated to fulfilling our role as responsible and nurturing mentors.


Zander King KCSC Club Director 


Cameron Marshall KCSC Assistant Manager